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National Monuments: Voices of the Vanished Ones, Preserved

VOICES in The Wind Though modern ears seem deaf to primal song, Ideas seek – and probe – subconscious minds. Where spirits walk, old muted voices long To search – as dust now gathered by the winds – And speak … Continue reading

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Mexico y Amurkkka y . . . ?

I have a great idea concerning the means/way to absolutely SOLVE the entire spectrum of Wingnuttistanian freak-out over the U.S.-Mexico border’s cross-trafficking (bi-directional, I assume) by people in search of a more suitable life. It’s simple, really, because: 1. People … Continue reading

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Public Lands: “Footprints On The Sands Of Time”

“One does not sell the land people walk on.” (Crazy Horse, Sept. 23, 1875) ****** It’s “political sleight-of-hand”: For their next trick, Republican magicians will make your federal land disappear Pulling back the curtain, one finds that the movement to transfer … Continue reading

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Of Mental Poverty and Shriveled Souls (aka Teabaggers)

Last Monday I received a letter from The Wilderness Society. It read: Public lands enemy number one, Representative Rob Bishop, is back at it again! This time he intends to take down landmark sagebrush conservation plans by targeting a defenseless … Continue reading

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Public Lands

More than a decade ago, I penned the following in my attempt to summarize the fears of environmentalists everywhere concerning the future fate — courtesy of right wing politicians — of public lands in this country: It’s a non-arguable fact … Continue reading

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Merciless Savage Travesty

First Posted on January 9, 2015 Photos by frugalchariot As nearly all “good” Americans know, our hallowed statement of purpose — aka the Declaration of Independence — begins with these familiar words (highlights added): We hold these truths to be … Continue reading

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