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How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)

Adversaries? Brüder?

Today’s news media is frenzied as it tries to analyze the current tensions twixt us and N.K. From channel to channel, paper to paper, story to story, the words flow and speculation mounts. What does it all mean? What’s it … Continue reading

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August 2017: Charlottesville

In view of the recent Charlottesville VA White “Supremacist” get together and its predictable consequences — including Donald Trump’s (predictable) non-response to the disgusting tactics of a major segment of his “base” — I thought it might be appropriate to … Continue reading

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My Message to Republicans Everywhere

I’ll be as brief as possible. It’s so simple (and no, I’m not referring only to the mind of Donald Trump). I speak here solely of problems and of the (obvious) paths toward solutions. The task is not as impossible … Continue reading

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From Public Lands: A Message To Trump

I suspect there are very few Public Land advocates/supporters out there who remain unaware that p Trump (I REFUSE! to use the word ‘president’ to describe that p.o.s.) is apparently going to leave no stone unturned in his quest to … Continue reading

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For Lovers Apart . . .

Apparition Alone, I watch as dawn’s illumined finger Spreads crystal dance of light on wave and sand Where impressions of our love still linger, And breeze recalls the softness of your hand – Your touch – which deep within my … Continue reading

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Passages There’s a certain silence one hears ‘Neath nightfall’s shroud; The moon – cold, bleak, and worn but otherworldly wonder – Illuminates the darkness with reflected light But adds no warmth to chill As it speaks to souls – sans … Continue reading

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The Ancient Mists

The ancient mists await With chilled fingers to encompass, surround, and Enshroud souls departed from the sunshine each has known. And yet how clever are these mists, their rains and Rivers from which lives and beauties are reborn – For … Continue reading

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