For Lovers Apart . . .


Alone, I watch as dawn’s illumined finger
Spreads crystal dance of light on wave and sand
Where impressions of our love still linger,
And breeze recalls the softness of your hand –
Your touch – which deep within my soul awoke
The ancient kiss of mist upon the sea.
Your essence brushed me, softly, to evoke
Eternal sense of peace – and mystery.
How beautiful, as glistening of your hair
Became starlight, to know your soul and heart
Were one with mine. No bounty is so fair
As that. Yet now we find ourselves apart –
For I awakened, realized anon,
It was a dream. And you, my love, were gone.



Sailors such as we –
Do nightly ply the darkened sea
In search of things that deep inside
We somehow sense can never be:
Like sand and surf on sheltered beach,
Like coves, like caves in seaside cliff,
Like fruits and rains and gentle things,
Like ancient coins, like golden rings,
Like music heard when Heaven sings.

We traveled hand-in-hand one night
To an exotic shore, and then
Our souls became as one, our minds
Soared off in magic, mystic flight;
We found both beach and gentle rains,
Through wildest trip of fantasy,
Yet touch, caress, and softest kiss
Remain as haunting imagery.

Still, we persist and search in hope
That someday we might truly find
These things, these relics of our minds
And of our souls, which kindred be
Forevermore; Sweet Love to thee.


What Sense Love?

Feel the softness of each breeze upon your face,
And know it is but my caress.
Hear the music of the birds as they sing each day,
And know they speak my love to you.
Smell the air as rains approach,
And know the freshness in my soul which you have wrought.
Taste the essence of your wine,
And know the sweetness of my kiss upon your lips.

See the glory of the dawn,
And know that I am there within your heart.
Stand alone in warming gentle rains,
And know that each droplet is my embrace.
In lightning’s flash and thunder’s rumble,
Know the passions of my heart and soul.
And when the swirling snowflakes turn your world to softest white,
Know forevermore the depth of Love I hold for thee.


About frugalchariot

How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)
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