Imagery, Echoes, and Memories

Below is a link to an ‘experiment’ of sorts, one that I’ve been pondering and pursuing, now and then, for the last 3-4 decades: the effect that a combination of two separate emotion-grabbing artful inputs, i.e. verbal  (poetic/sonnet) and visual (photographic) can bring forth at a given moment. I’ve long felt that a photograph can be ‘seen,’ in poignant context, as a ‘Poem Without Words,’ also that a major function of poetry is to evoke poignant images. The question remains: can the combination prove to be more than just the sum of its parts?

The attached work entitled “Imagery, Echoes, and Memories” is the result of said project, and contains 22 original sonnets (a variety of ‘ideas’), each paired with an idyllic nature photograph (all but two of which are completely free of human intrusion). In no case, however, did the ‘idea’ behind any photograph inspire the paired sonnet, or v.v.; each and all originated in two totally different worlds, totally unconnected by anything other than the person responsible for exploring and documenting what he ‘saw’ in those worlds.  With luck, each combination can prove to be, at least to the sensitive and inquisitive mind, more than just the sum of its parts.

Imagery Cover rev(Click the photo to follow the link)





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