GrOuP Insanity

Dead v stupid

If it were up to me, I’d change the word “stupid” to “insane,” even though I’m not sure there’s all that much difference in the two when the subjects are right wing Republicans (aka “TrumpiSStas”).

Anyway, whomever out there is struggling to define “insanity” in that context, these links should help. A lot. The titles themselves tell most of the story, so click at your own risk.


Alex Jones: ‘I Cannot Believe The Effect We’re Having. It Is Biblical.’

Pamela Geller Claims Clinton Will Enforce ‘The Sharia’ By Shutting Down Breitbart

Tony Perkins: Obama’s Attacks On Religious Liberty ‘Just As Dangerous’ As Terrorism

FAIR: Educating Immigrant Children An ‘Ongoing Assault’ On America

Anti-Semitic Preacher Hopes Trump Will Be God’s Instrument To Finally Destroy The Jews

And finally, from Michael “Savage” Weiner, this week’s “Tip of the Weiner”:

Michael Savage: EPA Head ‘Looks Like The Type That Stuffed The Ovens In Bergen-Belsen’

Far-right radio host Michael Savage had a meltdown yesterday over reports that the Environmental Protection Agency will begin collecting “voluntary, self-disclosed sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) workforce data” from its employees.

Savage even compared “the mean-faced, clipped-hair” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to a Nazi death camp worker: “Take a look at her picture on my website, it makes your blood boil, she looks just like, to me, personal answer, the woman looks like the type that stuffed the ovens in Bergen-Belsen.”


OK, I give up. There are no words . . .


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