RiffRaff Riffs

Riff: a melodic phrase, often constantly repeated, forming an accompaniment or part of an accompaniment for a soloist.

Donald Trump Invites Russia to Find Missing Hillary Clinton’s Emails

On Thursday morning, a fair number of media gabbers (on MSNBC, Morning Joe) were referring to Trump’s absurd suggestion — that Russia should hack Hillary’s emails, hopefully find the ‘33,000’ that were missing, deleted, whatever — was really only a Riff on Trump’s part. Now, I always thought I had at least a basic idea as to what a “riff” was supposed to be, and no matter how many times I watched the video of Trump’s Russia comments, I didn’t see any sign of a “riff.” No melodic phrase . . . constantly repeated . . . no accompaniment for a soloist.  So I kept wondering: why call what he said a Riff?

Hmmm. Riff . . . Riff? . . . Raff?  RiffRaff!  Yeah!!! Trump!!

Riffraff: people who are not respectable : people who have very low social status

Finally I have it figured: when Trump speaks, it’s a RiffRaff Riff!!

Trump’s not alone in that, of course. So, in order to add substance and definition to RiffRaff Riff, here are a handful of Non-Trumpian examples snagged from very recent RWW posts:

Michael Savage: The U.S. Government ‘Has Been Occupied By ISIS’

“That devil in the White House has flooded America with people from countries that never belonged here . . .

“This is the America of the future: Don’t work, practice a religion that hates everybody else. How in the world can a nation survive this? A nation can survive its fools and even the criminals, but it cannot survive an enemy within; it cannot survive a traitor within.

“How do we know how many work in this government? It’s as though we’ve been occupied already. Every day I wake up and I think that the government itself has been occupied by ISIS or ISIS sympathizers or ISIS propagandists. It doesn’t matter anymore because there’s no discussion of it at the DNC — what does that tell you Hillary will do if, God forbid, that harridan criminal is elected?”

Classic RiffRaff Riff, right?

Here’s another one:

Frank Gaffney: Democrats ‘Aligned With Our Enemies,’ Will ‘Doom All Of Us’

“The bigger question, which I think more and more of us are tumbling to watching this spectacle is not just the ignoring of that reality, it is the aligning with our enemies. You talked earlier about Tim Kaine having done a lot of that with the Muslim Brotherhood. He’s not alone. There are whole bunches of them in the progressive movement. Look at the Palestinian flags. Look at people burning Israel’s flag and burning the American flag. These people are on the wrong side. I’m sorry for Democrats, I used to be one myself, who are now being completely disenfranchised by a party that is aligned with our enemies and not with America. They will doom all of us if they have their way.”

That one’s almost musical! A genuine RiffRaff Riff! Yay Gaffney!

OK, one more. This one may be beyond a RiffRaff Riff, might even qualify as a RiffRaff Symphony — you be the judge:

Wayne Allyn Root:
Obama’s DNC Speech ‘Could Have Been Written By Lucifer Himself’ And ‘Delivered By The Anti-Christ’

I give both political and business speeches all over America, and all over the world. I know a great speech when I see and hear one. Obama’s speech last night at the DNC was masterful. It was one of the greatest political speeches I’ve ever heard.

There was one problem: It was 100 percent fiction, fraud and fantasy.

If it were given by any CEO in America at a shareholders meeting, or a press conference in front of the media, that CEO would face life in prison for fraud and misrepresentation.

Any screenwriter in Hollywood could have made it up out of thin air and won an Academy Award. It could have been a speech written by Bernie Madoff.

It could have been written by Lucifer himself, to be delivered by the anti-Christ.

(. . .)

Obama himself is the psychopath, sociopath and ego-maniac who rules as a tyrant, by issuing executive orders, ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, and making believe Congress doesn’t exist. Every word directed at Trump described Obama, Obama’s last eight years of rule and Obama’s voters.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

There. RiffRaff Riffs defined!! Thanks, Hair Furor Drumpf — finally we can all agree on what to call (and how to define) most any conservative baloney, regardless of the speaker/writer!! We owe it all to you, Hair Furor (along with due credit also to Morning Joe, of course).

(Bowing in Trump’s general direction)

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2 Responses to RiffRaff Riffs

  1. Claude Robichaux says:

    RiffRaff Symphony -and what a caca-phony err cacophony it is, *tap tap tap* maestro please!.
    Side note: never noticed so much as in that video above just how effeminate and swishy Drumpf is, especially when speaking. He’s got all the mannerisms of a great-Aunt Bertha going on, he’s just missing pearls to clutch and a prom gown.

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