Trump Summarized


I’m not going to say much today; so many others have already done the job of summarizing Trump that I thought it would be simpler to just point out some multi-directional links to articles that examine him from a variety of standpoints, not a one of which points to a single redeeming quality. No surprise there, I guess. Anyway, here they are, today’s collective summary intermingled with hints of the hell that’ll rain down upon all of us if somehow Drumpf should get elected POTUS.

Trump’s reckless, dangerous Islamophobia helps the Islamic State

Donald Is Becoming More And More Unhinged — Will He Survive To November?

Donald Trump Claims Obama Secretly Supports ISIS, Cites Debunked Conspiracy Theory As Proof

Donald Trump tells people to ‘ask the gays’ about how great he is. ‘The gays’ respond—and it is EPIC

Donald Trump’s Four Decades Of Racism

OK. Now, because I am, like Fox News, always and invariably driven to be totally fair and balanced, here are a pair of tidbits (the only two I could find, actually) that explain the other and more beautiful side of Trump’s story:

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Is ‘Our Only Hope’

Ann Coulter: God Raised Up Trump To Save Us From 1,000 Years Of Darkness

And finally, a photo — one which pretty much sums up my attitude concerning Trump, his candidacy, and the probable impact on us all should he somehow manage a win:

Trump Zieg Heil

Zieg Heil, America.

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