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Gun Control Anyone? It’s Now Underway!

I’ve never been shy concerning my attitudes toward the Second Amendment and the consequences of its misinterpretations by the Supreme Court; I’ve also never shied away from countering ANY argument in favor of universal gun ownership/possession. Guns have one purpose … Continue reading

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Herr Führer . . . err . . . Hair Furor!

Today I’ll be brief. For at least a year, one thing has been nagging at me: Donald Trump’s Hair. Every time I see him on the telly, two things happen: (a) I don’t listen to what he has to say … Continue reading

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Radical (American) Christian Extremism/Terrorism

It’s common knowledge these days that the words “radical Islamic extremism/terrorism” are spoken daily by Republicans even as more rational voices such as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and most if not all Democrats, choose to not use those … Continue reading

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Trump Summarized

I’m not going to say much today; so many others have already done the job of summarizing Trump that I thought it would be simpler to just point out some multi-directional links to articles that examine him from a variety … Continue reading

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Radical [ ___?___ ] Terror (ist, ism)

As I’m sure everyone is aware, Donald Trump, presumtive Republican POTUS Nominee, has a ‘yuuge’ problem and concern with regard to the recent mass shooting/murder in Orlando. His concern is not about the 49 dead or the 50+ wounded, however, … Continue reading

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A Look Back

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks going through old boxes filled with old photographs, looking for old prints worth digitizing. Found a bunch of 8×10 Cibachromes that I developed myself in my own (tee-tiny) darkroom all those many years … Continue reading

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Of Remembrance and Requiem

Forty-eight years ago — June 4 1968 — Robert F. Kennedy won the Democratic Primary in California and was seemingly on his way to his party’s nomination for President. Then in the early morning  moments of June 5, only a … Continue reading

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