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Narcissistic Fascism, AKA GOP

There’s a new GOP monster out there, One that’s emerging from the Narcissistic-Fascist Ice core that is its heritage, and this day has become: Trump-Cruz — drip-drip. Q for America: Whereto from here? Without doubt, one of the most disturbing … Continue reading

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The White Supremacist ‘Trump’ Card

Earlier this week, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ran a short piece concerning a robocall that was making the Republican rounds in Iowa. The caller said: “I’m Jared Taylor with American Renaissance. I urge you to vote for Donald Trump because he … Continue reading

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Constitutional Convention, Anyone?

“One of the things I’m going to do on my first day in office: I will announce that I am a supporter, and as president I will put the weight of the presidency behind a constitutional convention of the states … Continue reading

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Religion v. Tolerance, and v.v.

My only objection to ANY religion is when its patrons attempt to insert it into the balance of society which is not a subscriber, and especially when ‘they’ try to insert ‘it’ into science which considers the search for the … Continue reading

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