“Ecrasez l’infame”

“Écrasez l’infame.”

Sometimes I run across stuff that makes me mad. Like this, for example:

And here are a half-dozen-plus-two of similar ilk, each and all of which express nonsense that apparently is, this day, acceptable to both the political (Republican) and religious (Christer) realms as well as to the innumerable ‘bastions’ of radical right wing punditry.

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Campaign Is Helping Fuel White Supremacist Recruitment

Brigitte Gabriel: ‘Trump Is General Patton Reincarnated’

Pamela Geller Hails Trump, Warns A ‘Large Conspiracy’ Is Bringing Down Civilization

Pat Robertson Defends Donald Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban

Jim Simpson: Immigrants Will ‘Destroy The Culture,’ Usher In ‘Despotic Governments’

Jeff Sessions Defends Trump On Muslim Ban, Says It’s ‘Appropriate To Begin To Discuss This’

Bachmann: ‘Donald Trump Is Right’ On Muslim Immigration Ban

Tony Perkins: ‘Only 16 Percent Of Islam Is A Religion’ So Immigration Ban Not A ‘Religious Test On Muslims’

I admit it. I’m at a loss to understand why such a pile of nonsensical vitriolic gibberish is so widely broadcast; I’m even less able to comprehend the obvious mentality lack that apparently motivates not only those who spout it, but also those who listen and pay attention to it. As the New York Times has recently reported,

Americans are more fearful about the likelihood of another terrorist attack than at any other time since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, a gnawing sense of dread that has helped lift Donald J. Trump to a new high among Republican primary voters, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

In the aftermath of attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris and in San Bernardino, Calif., a plurality of the public views the threat of terrorism as the top issue facing the country. . . .

I’ll say it straight: I do not like, at all, what’s happening in and to this country, courtesy the influences of our home-grown haters, bigots, and fear-mongers (aka Republicans/Conservatives). The bottom line is a simple one; there is something terribly wrong with a country in which so many of its people are so easily and readily afflicted — for infamous political purposes ONLY — with irrational fear and the hate-filled consequences thereof. Even worse, however, are those many voices that continuously shout their fear-inducing epithets that serve no purpose other than to feed the infamy of their spurious motive.

Voltaire said it best: Écrasez l’infame. Crush the infamous. I agree. Where do we start?

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2 Responses to “Ecrasez l’infame”

  1. One Fly says:

    You can’t say it much better. Watching that clip those two say much of what we say about the right. The comments however are incredibly wrong of course. So blatantly bullshit and more. That little prick is on tb too. We are not the bad guys.

    I am not proud of my country.

    I think triggers have been tripped with the help of the media and that there has been a fundamental shift that has happened here. So much so they may win the presidency and the senate as well.

    It’s been split 50-50 for some time however now that racism has become fashionable again many others are participating it seems to me.

    Also the media is “them”. The 1%,some of the powerful and wealthy in the world. Don’t forget AM Hate Radio. Very powerful as well.

    This is serious shit!

    You might this a bit.

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