Ignorance? Insanity? Debates?

Safe in their Alabaster Chambers —
Untouched by Morning
And untouched by Noon —
Sleep the meek members of the Resurrection —
Rafter of satin,
And Roof of stone.

Light laughs the breeze
In her Castle above them —
Babbles the Bee in a stolid Ear,
Pipe the Sweet Birds in ignorant cadence —
Ah, what sagacity perished here!
(Emily Dickinson)

Ignorance: Lack of knowledge, information, or education; the state of being ignorant.

Insanity: Relatively permanent disorder of the mind; state or condition of being insane.

Originally I was going to pen a lengthy essay on how the distinct qualities we call ignorance and insanity are affecting and afflicting today’s politics and policies.Then last night came the third GOP presidential candidate debate from Boulder Colorado, and suddenly my focus seemed to shift.

I’d already been pondering those issues for a couple of days, and in the process managed to take a look around with the goal of researching, perhaps finding some of the finer points that aptly demonstrate what might be reasonably interpreted as the ignorance / insanity blend. What I came up with, however, seemed to better answer that other question, the one that reads What if someone who’s definably ignorant is also definably insane? Or, phrased another way, what if someone who’s insane is also ignorant? Are those possibilities realistic? Maybe?

Sounds possible, right?  But then comes the biggee: How the hell can you differentiate between ignorance and insanity when politics and religion (and Republicans) are involved? Is it possible that all one really needs to do to sift through the quagmire is to note the subject-at-hand’s respective affiliations and consider those to be THE defining line(s) in the sand? Maybe? Mind you, I’ve only seen a few snippets from last night’s debate, but as of this moment I would most certainly agree — with NO equivocation — that yes, the ‘line(s) in the sand’ ARE very likely THE points which actually demonstrate for all to see the new and defining Republican mantra. Ignorance HAS mated with insanity, in other words, and with end result?

Ah, what sagacity perished here!

To my eyes, even a quick peek at some tidbits of my recently gathered data confirms each and all of the underlying theses which have forced political sagacity’s dismemberment. So go ahead, check out the following and see if you can come up with ANY other conclusion (and please, pass it/them on!).

OK. Here. Republican. Fundamentalist. Ignorance. Insanity. Merged?

Michael Savage Warns That SNL And Larry David Are Ushering In Sharia Law

Michael Savage: Obama Acting Like Hitler, But Attacking White Men

BarbWire Pundit: Armed White People Must Stop Obama Before He Sparks Nuclear War Against America

The Pre-Palin GOP Was A Scholar’s Paradise, And Other Lies We Tell Children

Ken Ham Worries That If We Allow Gay Marriage People Will Just Stop Wearing Clothes

Intent on discrediting climate scientists, witch-hunting House committee chairman subpoenas NOAA

Ben Carson believes the world was literally created in 6 days

Ben Carson’s Budget Plan Makes Absolutely No Sense

Rick Wiles: Arrest ‘Mentally Unstable’ Obama Before He Starts

Rick Wiles: God Is Making Liberals Go Insane

Right-Wing Pundit Prays God Will Punish Hillary Clinton Since Republicans Failed To

So. The difference between ‘ignorance’ and ‘insanity’ is . . . ?? Seems to be rather a moot point, actually, at least when the only wedge between them is the suggestion that right wing politics don’t or won’t allow ignorance to mate with insanity. I suppose that in a civilized world, for one to propose — much less recognize — that such a mating has clearly occurred would automatically presume bias, even agenda. Maybe so. BUT — toss in, on top of everything, a large and vocal dose of religious fundamentalism and THEN ask the same question over again.

As the French would say, Voila!

Reminds me of Shakespeare, who wrote, in Macbeth —

“Were such things here as we do speak about?
Or have we eaten on the insane root
that takes the reason prisoner?”

I’ll readily accept the first line as absolute fact, and then agree that yes, THEY have undoubtedly eaten on the insane root / that takes the reason prisoner — and let it go at that. I wouldn’t want to make anyone any more mad than they already are, dontcha know.


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