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Ignorance? Insanity? Debates?

Safe in their Alabaster Chambers — Untouched by Morning And untouched by Noon — Sleep the meek members of the Resurrection — Rafter of satin, And Roof of stone. Light laughs the breeze In her Castle above them — Babbles … Continue reading

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We spent several hours yesterday watching the live transmission of Hillary Clinton testifying before the House Benghazi Tribunal . . . err,  Committee. The absolute ABSURDITY of questionings from the entire Republican side of the aisle reminded me of some … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: J.F. Fogerty

“. . . the heart within them screamed for all-out war! Like vultures robbed of their young, the agony sends them frenzied, soaring high from the nest, round and round they wheel, they row their wings, stroke upon churning thrashing … Continue reading

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