Is America Capable of Greatness?

“Who knows but he will sit down solitary amid silent ruins,
and weep a people inurned and their greatness
changed into an empty name.”
(Constantine De Volnay)



Is America capable of greatness? Of course she is. She’s proven it time and again by being absolutely GREAT at things such as starting (and losing) unnecessary wars; she’s GREAT at proclaiming herself GREAT; great at fomenting and supporting irrational fears and hatreds both at home and around the world; great at polluting land, air and water and ignoring any cleanup tasks; great at ignoring poverty both at home and abroad; great at improving the well-being of the already obscenely well-off; great at anything at all that satisfies greed on most any level; great at ignoring realities discovered by science in favor of whichever prejudice happens to be in agreement with her current politic; she’s also shown herself to be more capable than most any other country in denying reality in favor of myth. So yes, in many ways America is more capable of “greatness” than is any other nation on the face of the earth. But does that also imply she’s great at doing the RIGHT thing? Is she great at showing compassion for people less fortunate? For the downtrodden? For victims of wars? Perhaps on occasion, but only if her prescribed actions fatten appropriate egos and wallets, and especially when such actions accelerate the accumulation of power by the already powerful.

So what does Trump have in mind as the means of carrying out his slogan? How is he going to “Make America Great Again” when she’s already “great” at most of the stuff that people like Trump find to be egregiously satisfying? Might he have other directions in mind? Might he be preparing to act, for example, to conquer domestic poverty by finally putting into place FDR’s “Second Bill of Rights”? FDR’s thesis was simple enough, after all. As he noted in his 1932 presidential campaign,  “It is our duty now to begin to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known. We cannot be content, no matter how high that general standard of living may be, if some fraction of our people—whether it be one-third or one-fifth or one-tenth—is ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, and insecure.” A society devoid of poverty would certainly qualify as “great,” would it not? Maybe he has a plan to ‘Wage Peace, Not War’? That would most certainly be seen as a harbinger of greatness, right? Or perhaps he’s considering this: the ‘greatness inducing’ program recently described in an article entitled From Japan to Vietnam, Radiation and Agent Orange Survivors Deserve Justice From the US, a program wherein America would finally and willingly admit to the atrocities of Hiroshima, of Nagasaki, of the Agent Orange contamination of Vietnam, to be followed by the gracious act of compensating each and every survivor — victims — of the collective consequences of radiation, of dioxins, etc. To do so would surely be seen by the rest of the world as an act of pure humanitarianism, an act demonstrating America’s new found GREATNESS for everyone to see.

Might actions such as the above actually be parcel to Donald Trump’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN program? Are his intentions to find and take actions to relieve suffering everywhere by using America’s resources and by revealing her implicit kindness and caring for all to see?


Ain’t no money in it, ain’t no power in ANY of that crap!

Pu'u Honua 4 002GRRRRRRRRRR!!

The bottom line may well be that if Trump should happen to become the next American President, the final consequence will likely be that one day soon we the people “will sit down solitary amid silent ruins, and weep a people inurned and their greatness changed into an empty name.”


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  1. Trish says:

    At last, sooemne who knows where to find the beef

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