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“Can the Dumb Define the Divine?”

. . . I infer from the Odors borne – Of its Voice — to affirm — when the Wind is within — Can the Dumb — define the Divine? The Definition of Melody — is — That Definition is … Continue reading

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“Anchor Babies”

“We are here to support American values. America was built with immigrants.” Juan Gomez (Vice president of United Voices for Immigrants, Teacher of English to immigrant adults, Peruvian immigrant April 9, 2006) Anchor Babies. I find the demeaning attitude implicit … Continue reading

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Is America Capable of Greatness?

“Who knows but he will sit down solitary amid silent ruins, and weep a people inurned and their greatness changed into an empty name.” (Constantine De Volnay) ****** MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! VOTE TRUMP! Is America capable of greatness? Of … Continue reading

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The Alien Invasion of Amurka

Aliens. They’re here. Their efforts to assume control of this formerly (as in pre-Obama) great nation are rapidly picking up speed. I have taken here the liberty to present a stack of evidence collected in just the last few DAYS! … Continue reading

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ACD and its Predictable Consequences

“We didn’t inherit this world from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children.” ~Lakota Proverb A few days ago I happened across one of the most cogent analyses of the ultimate consequences of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD) — Climate … Continue reading

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The First Republican Presidential Candidate “Debate” Summarized

In tribute to last night’s Republican “debate” — here, from Apocalypse Now, is Marlon Brando reciting T.S. Eliot’s masterpiece, “The Hollow Men.” ****** Today dedicated to Pretty much sums it all up. ****** Oh, and one more thing. In case … Continue reading

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“The Hollow Men”

I ran across this one the other day: Liberty Counsel: Marriage Equality Imposes Unconstitutional ‘Religious Test’ For Public Office That bogus premise is based, of course, on Article VI Clause 3 in the Constitution, the part that reads “. . … Continue reading

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