The “Savage Beast” aka The Radical Right Wing

Wingnut radio guy Michael Savage doesn’t like Pope Francis. Earlier this month in the aftermath of the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change, Savage blustered that Francis is “a danger to the world . . . a Marxist . . . a wolf in pope’s clothing, he is an eco-wolf in pope’s clothing, he’s a stealth Marxist in religious garb.” He added that the Pope “sounds just like the false prophet in Revelation, an ecumenical spiritual figure directing mankind to worship the Antichrist.

“I think it is up to the Catholic people to turn their backs on this Pope before it is too late, before they wake up and find out that they are in chains, this man is a Marxist through-and-through . . . picked by the New World Order the way Obama was.”

Whew. Sounds like maybe Savage doesn’t much care for Obama either, a fact that he confirmed this last Monday when he said, “Obama’s [been] engaged in a civil war from the day he began . . . this man is trying to burn the country down.”

In another diatribe on Tuesday of this week, Savage continued spouting his irrational fears, hatreds, and lies. He began by saying that Francis is nothing but “a naked Marxist posing as a pope,” then quickly added, “This faker pope is coming to America to talk not to you in the pews, but to prisoners, transgendered [sic] and homeless. You tell me there’s not a worldwide Marxist revolution occurring right under your noses. Go ahead, tell me that, make my day. And if you think it ends well, you’re wrong. Remember how many died under Communism. A hundred million.”

As with virtually ALL right wing pundits and spokespeople, Savage NEVER offers a single verifiable data shred to help confirm even one of his diatribes. In that regard, he resembles the right wing Godmen who shout fearmongering epithets to their various flocks. Just last Sunday, for example, Tony Perkins, in his sermon at Robert Jeffress’ Baptist church in Dallas, stated that “when we as Christians here in America shrink back from living for Jesus and we tolerate our own government’s hostility to Christianity, terrorists and tyrants in other governments will see that as a green light to persecute and to kill our brothers and sisters, and we cannot tolerate that as Americans.”

Note the undercurrent premises that the US government is hostile to Christianity and that such anti-Christian hostility opens the door, for some nonelaborated reason, to foreign or terrorist attack. Clearly the logic is nonsensical, the conclusion yet one more baseless five-star lie designed to impose irrational fear on whichever percentage of the congregation is susceptible to same.

And speaking of five-star lies spoken to the various right wing flocks by their right wing “flockers,” here are ten (at least!) real beauties:

The Ten Plagues Of Gay Marriage: Conservatives Warn Of Terrorist Attacks, War And Prison Due To SCOTUS Ruling

I won’t bore you with any specific details (a mere click of the link will handle that little task), but in the interest of brevity, here’s the list of all the things that are SURE to happen thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent gay marriage ruling:

1. Terrorist attacks
2. Forced gay sex
3. Thunderstorms
4. Food shortages
5. Jailed pastors
6. Media censorship
7. Taking kids from their parents
8. Civil war
9. Pedophilia legalized
10. Christianity criminalized

The word “bizarre” should perhaps be granted a new and expanded definition now that the American far right wing has completely fallen off the sanity bandwagon. And when considering the INsanity that results, there is one more hyper case that can’t go unmentioned.

Theodore Shoebat: Execute Gays And Gay-Accepting Christians

Theodore Shoebat is, according to the article, “a viciously anti-gay activist” who has, in the past, advocated gay execution, but this time has expanded the concept to include gay-accepting Christians as well. In his words:

Since homosexuality is against the sacrament of marriage, which is the building block of society, then it is against the common good, and the very Faith of our civilization, and thus is an enemy to the Christian people and should be treated as sedition. Let the heretics who believe in such license read where St. Paul refers to these sodomites as “deserving of death,” and also those who “approve of those who practice them” (Romans 1:32), and let them dare say that homosexuality should be allowed in a Christian society.

Notice the biblical references, and from the New Testament yet! Apparently Michael Savage (that’s his stage name — his real name is Michael Alan Weiner — pretty sure I understand why he changed it) isn’t the definitive “Savage Beast” that hangs out in Wingnuttistan. I am, in fact, pretty much convinced that ALL Wingnuttistanians are deserving of the title, most especially the faux Christian contingent that preaches nothing other than their God-based insanity. Each and every one of the buggers — preacher, pundit, candidate, radio jock, pick one or all — pretends to speak truth until that which he says over and again ultimately proves that he lies . . .

It’s curious how, some 150 years ago the reclusive poet Emily Dickinson managed to sum up each parcel in and of today’s far right wing Savage Beast. She put it this way:

He preached upon “Breadth” till it argued him narrow —
The Broad are too broad to define
And of “Truth” until it proclaimed him a Liar —
The Truth never flaunted a Sign —

Simplicity fled from his counterfeit presence
As Gold the Pyrites would shun —
What confusion would cover the innocent Jesus
To meet so enabled a Man!

Indeed. The Savage Beast, aka the Far Right Wing, defined. They each and all ‘preach’ upon “Truth” until it proclaims them to be liars, very enabled liars!

One has to wonder just exactly what has gone wrong in this country over the last fifty or so years to bring forth such absolutely bizarre and hate/fear-filled rhetoric. Or maybe the country has always been this way, just not so visibly verbal? And how much does faux “Christianity” contribute to the nation’s hate-fear complex? And is said complex unique to America, or does it simply define the dark side of the entire human species?

Stay tuned.


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