Insanity v. Sanity

The more the days change, the nuttier it gets out there in Wingnuttistan. Following are a mere handful of headline links on a variety of topics, each and all of which demonstrate a level of crazy far beyond sanity’s threshold. So hang onto your hats; here goes nothing (sotospeak)!

It’s Time To Go’: Glenn Beck Warns That The Time Of ‘Book Burnings, And Re-Education, And Death’ Is Now Here

Jim Inhofe: Pope Francis Worships Creation Rather Than God

War Hero Ted Nugent Praises Call To Arrest Obama From Coup-Supporting Former General

Beck And Barton Warn That SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision Will Legalize Pedophilia And Outlaw The Bible

Gun Lobbyist Ties Charleston Shooting To Transgender Rights

Pat Boone Blames Charleston Shooting On Obama

Franklin Graham: Americans Must Repent For Electing Pro-LGBT Obama

Todd Starnes: Confederate Flag Opponents Just Like ISIS, Will Burn American Flag Next

Rick Joyner: Gay Marriage May Lead To Civil War

Todd Starnes Calls On God To Send Hornets And Cicadas To Attack Obama

So there it is, a small handful of this week’s samples of Wingnuttistanian insanity, proof positive (as if we didn’t already know) that Inhofe, Nugent, Beck, Barton, Pat Boone, Frank Graham, Todd Starnes, Rick Joyner, and most if not all gun lobbyists are certifiably nuts (and probably scared to death of their own shadows as well). Problem is, about the only thing we the people can do is laugh at them — clearly a not very effective solution since they all keep coming back again, and again, and again . . . . Oh well, when one lives in an insane world and nothing can be done to fix it, perhaps the solution is to occasionally wander off to a sane corner somewhere — an “esoteric belt,” perhaps — and enjoy the soliloquy! Below are a few examples of what such places are like and as you’ll notice, not a single Republican is in attendance! As Emily Dickinson put it,

Did life’s penurious length
Italicize its sweetness,
The men that daily live
Would stand so deep in joy
That it would clog the cogs
Of that revolving reason
Whose esoteric belt
Protects our sanity

Views rescued from the “esoteric belt” follow. Enjoy the soliloquy. :).

Bee in a Wild Rose

Bee in a Wild Rose

A Shadow in a Field of Wild Flowers

A Shadow in a Field of Wild Flowers

Snow on the Peak, Green Grass on the Meadow, June 1 2015

Snow on the Peak and Green Grass on the Meadow; June 1 2015


Canadian Reflections

Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Two Canadian Families: 4 Geese, 3 Goslings

Two Canadian Families: 4 Geese, 3 Goslings

Mother and Child

Mother and Child

There. Hopefully that’s enough sanity to counter the craziness up top.



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