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A Discourse Dedicated to Creationists everywhere And their adversaries (1989) A godman and a skeptic met To promulgate their views, With godman’s premise, Genesis, And skeptic’s, more the muse. “God made the heavens and the Earth,” The passioned godman says, … Continue reading

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Insanity v. Sanity

The more the days change, the nuttier it gets out there in Wingnuttistan. Following are a mere handful of headline links on a variety of topics, each and all of which demonstrate a level of crazy far beyond sanity’s threshold. … Continue reading

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Saul Alinsky

Recently — very recently — I happened across yet one more wingnut mean-spirited reference to Saul Alinsky (I forgot to mark the place, which I have since also forgotten — one of the “benefits” of aging). In any case, the … Continue reading

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“The Donald” for President (?)

A Moment’s Halt–a momentary taste Of BEING from the Well amid the Waste– And LO!–the phantom Caravan has reach’d The NOTHING it set out from–Oh, make haste! (The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam; v. XLVIII Transl. by Edward Fitzgerald, 1872) When … Continue reading

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Raise Taxes on the One Percent?

Bernie Sanders Would Tax The Income Of The Wealthiest Americans At 90 Percent. In an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is running for the Democratic presidential candidacy, said he could back a 90 percent top … Continue reading

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Forty Days and Forty Nights

Relax, no Noah here, no forty days and forty nights of God’s wrath. This is about important stuff. Like geese. Little geese. Goslings. The first forty days and forty nights of their young lives. Yesterday, June 11, was the fortieth … Continue reading

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Wingnut Dementia: Gay Marriage, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court

I ran across this little tidbit the other day; it’s clearly nothing but one more vivid example of right wing outrage and bias based on the possibility the Supreme Court might rule in favor of same sex marriage: Mike Lee: … Continue reading

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