Ice Geese

First Posted on January 30, 2015
Photos by frugalchariot

We’ve had some weird weather here the last couple of weeks. First it rained, then it got cold, then it snowed, then it got COLD, then it stayed cold for a few days, then it got sunny and really warm. Most of the snow melted; the frozen lake stayed mainly frozen except for a few thawed spots along parts of the shoreline. On the warmest day, we took a couple of hours and a camera along with us on a leisurely walk around the lake. The local goose population was there in force, and was clearly enjoying the ice, the water, and even the sheltered corner where the ice was still snow covered.

Following are a few photos from that day, none of which need a caption or further description — they are what they are, sotospeak. Take a look, enjoy the view, and if you can, please explain to me how it is that any critter anywhere can stand for hours on the ice ON ONE LEG while sleeping. Me, I’ve decided not to try it, but still . . . 😀

Beckwith geese 775

Tree GeeseGeese and reflections 801

Geese on ice 798I’m thinking that being a goose is kinda cool. About the only hassle they have in life is the idiot with a gun — but I guess that we humans also have THAT problem. I do know a few folks who can stand on one leg in that yoga “tree” pose, but I’m not one of them, either.

Maybe in the next life? Nah. Prolly not. Life ain’t THAT fair!


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