Sangre de Cristo

First Posted on September 27, 2013
Photos by frugalchariot

It’s been a busy week, thanks to a visit by out-of-state family members: sister and her youngest son (turned 52 while here), neither of whom I’d seen for more than ten years. During their visit they of course wanted to ‘see’ some of the Rocky Mountains, so on Wednesday we headed west. We crossed the Front Range Sierra Mojadas, then drove to roughly the center point of the unnamed valley which separates the Front Range from the next range in. There we stopped in the little town of Westcliff to take in one of the most stunning mountain views anywhere on the planet: the Sangre de Cristo Range. The range is made up of a number of 14000 ft jagged peaks, and stretches linearly, south to north, practically from horizon to horizon. Have never run across a photo or photos which give full credit to the magnificence of the Sangre mountainscape — not sure it’s even possible to capture. So, the following photos can only lend an impression to the mind’s eye of but one of the consequences of the Laramide Orogeny, the uplift that formed the Rocky Mountains some 80 million years ago (give or take a few million years).

Below are four photos. The first three, if combined into a single panorama, still represent only some of what one sees while standing in one spot and gazing from north to south. Takes about a 90 degree head turn to take it all in. The fourth photo zooms in on just one of the peaks; if it has a name I have no idea what it might be, but it’s probably close to 14000 ft at its crest.

OK, enough bloviation. Enjoy the view!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI only wish the camera had the ability to capture the moment; it didn’t, of course, but with luck at least the concept of reality’s unadulterated AWE is somewhere embedded!


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