Of Flowers, Mists, and Words

First Posted on December 26, 2013
Photos by frugalchariot

Been a busy week, so rather than attempt to reach into today’s nonsensical reality, I instead retrieved a couple of “images” I came up with a decade or three ago. I’ve long been intrigued with the concept of “image,” both the graphic type and the ‘other’ one that the mind’s eye pulls from the ether that can be created by words only. Always thought it was interesting to attempt to match the two rather disparate entities; it’s not easy, but fun to try. Since I can’t paint or draw, my only real graphic image-generating choice is a camera. Words? Lots of options, but to me the Shakespearean sonnet with its fourteen lines, ten syllables per line, and a somewhat tricky (a-b-a-b-c-d-c-d-e-f-e-f-g-g) rhyming pattern offers the most compelling challenge.

Anyway, following are a pair of photographs with “matching” sonnets. Not sure whether one can ‘say’ more with a simple photograph, or with a mere 140 syllables, or whether each is better in combination, or standing alone, etc. I suppose the real challenge is the mental effort required to go in either direction — a far cry from politics no matter the choice, given the FACT that in today’s politics “mental effort” is either a non-sequitur or an oxymoron — or both, maybe? 🙂

Of Flower and Mist


Drowned within the shroud of eternal sky
Essence lives, dressed in softest shimmering white.
Beauty is the flow’r which, in garden, lies
Beside the rippling stream where mists are light.
Infinity collects in droplets. Dew,
Ensconced in winsome grasp breathes soft fragrance
And sweet scent of life to all who dare view
Nature’s gift of  love, in her wind-kissed dance.
Defilers are not welcome, for Beauty
Pursues naught but Truth and Love – her message:
Enter not unless you share this with me!
Render unto me your heart-sought passage;
Receive me as the soul of life and Love,
Yet gentle be – approach with velvet glove.



Manzanita floral clusterIn Springtime, Manzanita calms one’s sense
With flaunt of color, shape, and form’s repose –
Conveyed with vivid flash of sentience
To all who see that every breeze which blows
Instructs each dancing bloom: “Communicate
Life’s earnest quests, its ever-wondrous goals.”
Ethereal concepts, thus revealed, create –
Upon each flow’r – reflections of our Souls.
And Muses too, embedded there within
Each tiny bit of beauty, dare imbue,
Along with Truth and Love, now e’er again
Delights which shift one’s thoughts to sense anew –
Each bloom a briefest poem which lends, to me,
Divined sweet light – and images of thee.


That does it for today, the day after Christmas number 71 (for me, at least). I can only add that the best part about today is that as of midnight tonight, we’re only one day short of one full year before the next one! I shall use each and all of those 364 days to relax and, of course, to get ready for next year’s (sigh) Christmas. Holiday. Season. Etc.

Meanwhile, the appropriate greeting for this day, December 26 2013 is: HAPPY KWANZAA!


About frugalchariot

How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)
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