The First Days of Summer . . .

First Posted on July 4, 2014
Photos by frugalchariot

Today’s the Fourth of July. Independence Day. It’s supposedly a holiday, but I’m not among the celebrants. Not any more. Not since the conservative movement, SCOTUS obviously included, began its never-ending assault on the “independence” of all but the rich, the powerful, and the corporations. Celebrating “Independence Day” these days is kinda like . . . kinda like it would be to celebrate Christmas if there were no Santa . . . ??

Hmmm. I will think on that one.

Onward. Summer is now about two weeks old, give or take an hour or two. On the Solstice the sunrise here was at 0537 MDT; this morning it’s scheduled to have first peeked over the horizon at 0542, so the creep toward winter is already five minutes underway.

Anyway, my way of celebrating the fourth day of July this year is to offer a quick look back at roughly the first few days of summer — the last few days in June — here at the foot of the Front Range of the Rockies. Beats fireworks!

First, an 11,000 ft. Front Range Peak. The patches of white stuff
are the last remnants of winter’s snowpack:

Roundtop 011 mod


Next, the first “rose” of summer, a thistle blossom:

Thistle flower 009 mod


Early morning reflections of the Front Range atop our local Lake Beckwith:

Beckwith 034 mod


An aging gosling, almost grown into his adult Canadian Goose feathers:

Aging gosling 031 mod


Now to the backyard. First, a visitor:

Bullsnake 114


Scary scary, yeah? 😯 Here’s another look:

Bullsnake 116


DANGER DANGER? Nah, just a gopher snake waiting to do his thing:

Bullsnake 113


Meanwhile, Shadow the cat sent Mr.G(opher) packing, then returned
to her grassy guardpost unfazed:

Shadow 093So. How does allathat relate to, say, the news of the day in re the Fourth of July? Iraq? Syria? Our do-nothing Congress? Our grossly corrupted Supreme Court? The McDaniel/Cochran idiot “war” in Mississippi? Corporate and billionaire political privilege? Etc. etc. etc.??

Easy. Everything “Out There” is unbelievably SUPERIOR! to EVERYTHING that’s parcel to the mostly demented human agenda.

Thus it is demonstrated; thus it is written. (see above)


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How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)
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