“Beyond The Edge”

There are times . . . like now, for example . . . when the temptation to leave the human sphere overwhelms and becomes the urge to escape, to banish the collective idiocy of politics, of fear, of irrational hatred(s), to visit somewhere ‘different’ . . . somewhere Beyond the Edge.

So, now that that’s all settled, a few photos and a few words — recollections of moments captured — which together speak of and describe that other reality, that other sphere where human is but the occasional visitor.  Out there . . .

Elk at HorseshoeBeyond The Edge
 of Wildness

There were voices –
Noisome human sounds which rose
With fragrant campfire smokes
To float amongst the trees in waning morning sun,
Above the Edge of Wildness.

There were voices –
Softer now, which spoke in wonder of surround
As trail led north along the wash
Through thick and tangled brush,
Past water tricklets in the sand –
Where more than silence thrived.

Silent voices, footprints in the sand
Which spoke of bear, of deer, of mountain lion
But not of man until we passed
And left our bootprints there.

Cougar printThere were voices –
Panting voices as we climbed above the spring
On rock-strewn slope to find a grassy meadow
Where solitary spruce and pines whispered through the wind –
Where spoke the buzz of locusts in a swarm,
Where sang both bird and bug.

There were voices –
As afterglow of day slipped slowly into night
And birdsong waned with sinking sun,
Cacophony began – the lovesongs of billions –
Each six-legged and far smaller
Than collective melody.

1018-Cicada-0537There were voices –
Across the blackened sky where starlight
Spoke of esoteric things –
Eternity and timelessness, with beams of light
A billion years of age and more –
Excepting newborn meteors.

Mystic Eye

There were voices –
To hail approaching dawn
Coyotes yapped and howled in unison as pack
Expressed both thoughts and memories
Which never cross the mind of man –
And likely never will.

There were voices –
Children at play, a wailing country song
Among the trees, between the tents and trucks
As we returned to more familiar ground –
But changed we were, for now we knew
That we had left our home behind –
Beyond the Edge of Wildness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANature’s voices softly speak to those who dare take the time to listen. The consequence remains invariable and constant, and it is both simple and profound. William Blake, in his poem Auguries of Innocence, offers the perfect summation:

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

Indeed, indeed.

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How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)
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