Cabo San Lucas

First Posted on May 9, 2013
Photos by frugalchariot

Since there’s not a single thing going on anywhere in the world that’s worth talking about today — even as this United States of America moves steadily, courtesy of Republican lies and bullshit, in the direction of that ultimate goal of a universally small-minded, i.e. a fascist-styled “government,” maybe now’s time to revisit that ancient (and slowly vanishing) concept once called “Beauty” by poets, by ‘alladem’ weirdos who never managed to grasp the concept that it’s GUNS that are . . . umm . . . really important . . .

Anyway . . .

I’ve recently spent some time plowing through piles of old transparencies, digitizing the better ones in the hope that the recall of messages implicitly embedded within those ‘moments’ of shutter click . . . and always in the hope of recording the essence sensed, the essence that drove the mind to insist that the finger press down on the shutter button . . . etc., well, you know. Standard routine.

Following are a mere eight photos, each courtesy of a now ancient Mamiya 645 camera loaded with Ektachrome film and snapped some thirty years ago by a then aging (now very old) dude who thought he saw something. There. On the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. Cabo San Lucas. My sense way back then was that it was a grand place wherein to exist, perchance to live . . . if only for a moment or two . . . in anticipation of ‘that’ shutter click. Or two or three. That ‘sense’ remains intact, this day; it’s still out there. Somewhere. Hopefully.

Enjoy the traverse.

Cabo 1

Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez            The Pacific shore at the Cape of San Lucas

Cabo 3

Cabo San Lucas: Pacific side       . . . .       And from The Sea of Cortez

Cabo 4

Hibiscus flower, early morning at Hacienda Cabo San Lucas — Sunrise, a moment later

Cabo 2

The tip of the cape at Cabo San Lucas: Pacific waves crashing ‘neath a rock arch, and a seal sunning himself on Pacific cliff

Interesting, I think, that human presence is not always necessary when Beauty is the goal. Why is that? One could easily assume that those created in God’s image (I assume, btw, that alladem must surely be bankers, politicians, Wall Street executives, Insurance Co. executives, gun guys, etc. . . .) might be more important, but . . .

Well, intellectual blindness — that inability to see or sense the Beauty embedded immediately within each and every surround is, apparently and sadly, absent enough to suggest that it is exactly such absence alone which defines the point where both the soul, and its nation, die.

We. Have. Arrived. There

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How Frugal is the Chariot That bears the Human soul. (Emily Dickinson)
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