Sinagua Petroglyphs

The V-Bar-V Ranch in central Arizona’s Verde Valley contains one of the most impressive Sinagua petroglyph sites known to exist anywhere. Today the site is under the protection and supervision of the National Park Service which maintains an on-site information/gift shop and offers informational discussions at the site itself.

V-Bar-V Ranch is located in the lush riparian area alongside Wet Beaver Creek, approximately one mile below the point where the creek exits the canyon it’s carved in the Rim of the Arizona Plateau. To get there turn off I-17 at the exit marked Sedona, and head east, away from Sedona. The road is old and narrow, but is kept in good repair. In 3-4 miles, the road crosses Wet beaver Creek via a pair of bridges; the V-Bar-V parking lot is on the right, just beyond the second bridge, and is appropriately marked.

The following series of photos, taken by yours truly over the span of several years and numerous visits, offers a fair peek at some of the standout petroglyphs that grace the wall, but given the wall contain over a thousand glyphs total, this album is very incomplete. An interesting side note: Hopi Medicine Men from the Hopi lands NE of Flagstaff still visit the site from time to time, and sometimes conduct ceremonies there. The Hopi are descended of the Sinagua people who vanished, for reasons that remain only speculative, somewhere near the end of the thirteenth century, approximately the same time as vanished the other major Southwest cultures called, respectively, the Hohokam, Salado, Mogollon, and Anasazi peoples.

Four Shot Composite


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4 Responses to Sinagua Petroglyphs

  1. Raven says:

    Excellent collection frugal… thanks for sharin these.

  2. 2ebbandflow says:

    Between Raven’s photos and yours – I’m saving my quarters for a trip to view these in person!

    Fascinating. Intriguing.

  3. Tracy says:

    Thniknig like that is really amazing

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