Arizona, Bugs and Flowers

A closer look at that smaller and more colorful world. Click the photos to enlarge.

A bee upon a flower did light,
With curious eye, I watched it;
And after moments passed, it flew
Away with nectar’s booty,
Life’s sustenance for bee,
From flower’s heart.

I asked the flower, in whispers hushed
(Lest uninvited ears might hear)
If such intrusion to its heart
Were injur’ous to softnesses
As which, I thought, must linger there.

The flower replied, “No, of course,
For bee and I depend upon
His forays, he for food and I
For life; Future’s generations
On his excursions do rely.”

“May I, too, then, such pleasures seek
Within your golden heart?” I asked.
The flow’r said, “No, for you are man,
Not bee. Ascendancy’s your only quest –
Your footsteps weigh too heavily
On softnesses.”

Reflective, then, I walked away
Through desert’s springtime scented air
With heightened sense that I, myself,
Might someday find – like bee and flow’r –
A sustenance in life alone,
Apart from Man’s disruptive goal:
The need for dominance and pow’r.

Bee on a Saguaro cactus flower

Beetle on a sunflower; Butterfly Cienega, Blue Range, 9000 ft. elev.

Bee and bug on a thistle bloom, 9000 ft. elev., Blue Range

Butterfly and shadow, 9000 ft. elev., Blue Range

One moth, lots of beetles, on thistle flower; 9000 ft. elev., Blue Range

Indian Paintbrush, Blue Range; Is that the visage of a Saint in the very center?

Fly on sunflower, Butterfly Cienega, Blue Range

Spider in Engelmann's Hedgehog, White Tank Mtns.

Cicada, Verde Valley, 4000 ft. elev.

Desert Cicada, Phoenix, elev. 1200 ft.

Blue guy in yellow sunflower; 8000 ft elev., Eagar AZ

Hide and seek in a sunflower; Eagar, AZ, elev. 8000 ft

Duane's Spider; Phoenix, circa 1974

Verde Valley Cicada


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One Response to Arizona, Bugs and Flowers

  1. Really nice pictures. You have a good eye for photography.

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