The Sonoran Desert

Following is a series of photos taken over the course of several years — photos which record various scenes and moods common to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Sunset Panorama, White Tank Mountains, AZ

Early morning moonset; 3-16-06, 6:35 AM

Dawn sky over Four Peaks, 1-2-02

Sunrise panorama viewed from the White Tank Mountains

Winter sunrise over the city of Phoenix

Simultaneous Sunrise and Moonset, White Tank Mountains, 6:50 AM

Winter morning campfire in the White Tank Mountains

Brittlebush in bloom, White Tank Mountains

Englemann's Hedghog in bloom, White Tank Mountains

Western Diamondback in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Nesting dove, Spring 2008, Tucson AZ

A patch of Teddy Bear Cholla, the White Tank Mountains, and the setting moon in early morning twilight.

December's Rising Sun, Salt River Valley

The sun. Always the sun. Even bigger than downtown Phoenix.


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2 Responses to The Sonoran Desert

  1. Beautiful pictures. I hope that was a zoom lens you were using when taking that picture of the rattle snake.

    • He buzzed at me when I was about five or six feet away, told me I was close enough already. I stopped, he settled down, we exchanged niceties, then he slithered away no worse for the wear. No harm, no foul.

      Actually, rattlers are indeed potentially dangerous because of their venom, but left alone they’re content to move on and simply do their ‘job.’ Unlike politicians in that latter regard.

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